Last will in North Cyprus

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Last will in North Cyprus

Post by Admin1 on Thu Sep 25, 2014 5:31 pm

Whether you are a permanent resident or someone who only visits a few times a year, we recommend that you have a will prepared if you own a property in the TRNC. Your UK will only covers you for assets in the UK. As a TRNC property owner and bank account holder you will need a TRNC will to ‘mirror’ your UK will.

The major change in the TRNC, from that of the law in the UK, covers ‘intestacy’. In the TRNC, if one of you dies intestate (i.e. without leaving a Will) your spouse will not automatically inherit your estate, if there are surviving children. The TRNC Government is not entitled to your estate if you do not make a Will. The Government is only entitled, by law, to an estate should there be no 'next of kin'. However there are numerous levels of ‘kinship’ before this situation arises.

Another key difference is the treatment of "partners". Partners living like husband and wife in the TRNC do not have the same rights of partners in the UK. They will not have any share in the estate of his/her partner. Therefore it is essential that a will is made to protect the interests of the surviving partner.

Therefore: if you own property in the TRNC and don't have a TRNC last will yet, it might be wise to contact your lawyer. For further information, please look here:


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