What happens now?

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What happens now?

Post by MikeE on Sat Sep 27, 2014 2:12 pm

Currently, some of us are trying to encourage yet another look at what we can achieve as a group. We need your ideas, your information, your current position regarding such things as what injunctions or memorandums you may have placed on the site - anything that might inform the group and promote collaboration.

Information is power. If that's true then several, if not most of us do not know what's going on and feel powerless. Given that, it seems unlikely if not impossible that the dream, promised by Belgravia Estates is ever likely to become a reality. Is that it, then?

Pat's email came as a body blow to us. Prior to that Barbara had been hoping for a change in the legislation that may have given her a way forward. Unlike some, her solicitor knew nothing about the proposed enforced sale - even though some had this information from early August. Even knowing this, what happens next?

Is it clear what plots are affected? Parcel 142 would seem to affect anything between 14 and 17 buyers - given the plans that we currently have. See Documents. We are told that the sale is for 2/3 of the parcel. If this is so, why does it seem that only two people were  informed of the sale and why does this not involve others? All we have at present is speculation but worse, no concerted action to discover the truth and to try to halt the sale. What is the time scale? If you are aware of any of the facts then shouldn't everyone be allowed to know.

If you want to be reminded why its worth taking action then take a look at the 'You Tube' videos posted on here by Johan (Plot 25). Barbara and I looked at these early one morning (this week) and knew that something had to be done. One last effort if you like. Take a look and see if you agree.

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